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    Ecofiltro Water Filter 5L - Yellow

      Ecofiltro Europe SL

      Ecofiltro Water Filter 5L - Yellow

      Color: Yellow
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      • Pure and Natural

        Ecofiltro’s plastic-free filters deliver clean water naturally

      • Reliable Filtration

        Ensure your water is free from contaminants with Ecofiltro’s technology

      • Chic Design

        Our sleek filters fit seamlessly into any decor, promoting sustainability

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      Ecofiltro Water Filter 5L

      Introducing the Ecofiltro Water Filter 5L, a groundbreaking solution meticulously crafted to redefine your relationship with clean water. Engineered without compromise, Ecofiltro stands as a testament to sustainability and innovation, proudly devoid of any plastic components. With a steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship, each Ecofiltro embodies our dedication to providing pure, plastic-free water solutions. Join us in embracing a future where sustainability meets unparalleled quality, one drop at a time.


      • Material: Constructed from durable vitrified steel
      • Capacity: 5 liters
      • Size: 30cm height x 22cm diameter
      • Weight: 1kg (excluding water)
      • Tap: Stainless steel for added durability and hygiene

      Package Includes:

      • User's Manual
      • Filter Unit
      • Stainless Steel Tap
      • Ecofiltro Water Filter

      Ideal for:

      • Suitable for households with 1 or 2 people.  


      • At the beginning, it filters approximately 1-2 glasses per hour, gradually increasing to 1 liter per hour as the pores of the filter unit open up.

      Initial Water Taste

      • In the beginning, you may notice a slight clay taste in the water. This is a natural part of the process as the filter’s pores open up. The water is still safe to drink, but we suggest filtering more water during the first few weeks to help the taste become neutral faster.


      • Features a 1.5-liter filter unit combined with a 3.5-liter filtered water storage unit, providing a total capacity of 5 liters.

      Maintenance Tips:

      • Regular Cleaning: Wash the Ecofiltro every 6 months.
      • Replacement Reminder: Renew the water filter every 2 years.

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      At Ecofiltro, our commitment to effective water filtration is unwavering. Through regular laboratory analyses, we ensure that every drop from our filters meets the highest safety standards. Our innovative filter, crafted from clay, activated carbon, and colloidal silver, is designed to efficiently remove a wide array of contaminants, including parasites, bacteria, pesticides, soaps, and microplastics. Clay serves as a natural trap for impurities, activated carbon swiftly eliminates odor and turbidity, while colloidal silver adds an extra layer of protection against harmful elements.

      But our dedication to quality doesn't stop at composition. Each filter unit undergoes meticulous testing to uphold our stringent standards for filtration and purification. With Ecofiltro, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that every sip is meticulously filtered for purity and safety. Join us in our mission to forge a cleaner, greener future, one filter at a time.

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      Ecofiltro's commitment to affordable, eco-friendly water filtration is not just a business model; it's a testament to our dedication to global sustainability goals set by the United Nations. As a certified B Corporation, we prioritize social and environmental responsibility in our operations. Ecofiltro operates on a unique " social business" model by providing safe water to over a million rural families and distributing filters to schools and communities in need. Our environmental contributions extend further, including a significant reduction in carbon emissions and a proactive stance against plastic pollution. In Europe alone, we save millions of plastic bottles annually.

      Crafted with a steadfast commitment to sustainability, every Ecofiltro product is proudly manufactured using renewable energy sources, including solar energy and natural wind/breeze. Whether harnessing the sun's rays or the gentle breeze, our production process reflects our unwavering dedication to minimizing environmental impact while maximizing efficiency. Join us in our journey to create positive change with Ecofiltro.


      Dr. Fernando Mazariegos, a Guatemalan scientist, created Ecofiltro to tackle rural Guatemala's water scarcity. Ecofiltro's natural filtration system provides an eco-friendly, affordable solution, leading to its evolution into a global non-profit organization. While production remains in Guatemala, Ecofiltro Europe S.L. exclusively distributes Ecofiltro within Europe, enabling customers to combat the water crisis sustainably.