To maintain optimal filter performance and ensure the highest water quality, it's essential to clean the filtration unit every six months.


Keep the Ecofiltro assembled inside the container in a clean area, and wait until your filter unit has no water.


With freshly washed hands, place a clean cloth on a flat surface and gently set the ceramic filtration unit on it. Avoid touching the base of the filter; handle it by the edges only.


Use a new sponge dedicated solely to filter cleaning. Start by gently cleaning the exterior to remove any dirt. Then, rinse the filter unit thoroughly with clean water.


Rinse the sponge and repeat the process to clean the interior of the filter. Remember, the filter should only be washed with water—do not use soap or bleach. Use a new sponge and clean water exclusively.


Place two clean cloths on the table and carefully invert the filter onto them. Cover the clean filter with another cloth to prevent dust or insects from contaminating it.

You can wash the outer vessel, lid, and faucet of your Ecofiltro with soap and water.

To ensure optimal water quality, the filter unit should be replaced after
two years
of use.

  • Don't discard the used filter unit; instead, repurpose it as a pot for plants. Or break it into smaller pieces and use it as fertilizer to contribute to sustainable gardening practices.
  • If you choose to dispose of it, please ensure it is disposed of with organic waste.
  • Do you have any further questions? Please feel free to contact us!