Effectiveness and Performance

We ensure the effectiveness of Ecofiltro by conducting regular analyses of the water treated with our filters in professional laboratories. Through these analyses, we guarantee a healthy and safe solution for human consumption.

For more information on the results of our laboratory analyses, please refer to our Filtration Effectiveness page here.

Ecofiltro's filtering unit wall contains pores with a maximum size of 0.8 micrometers, preventing the passage of any contaminant larger than these dimensions. For reference, a human hair typically has a diameter of 100 micrometers, making the pores of your Ecofiltro 125 times smaller. To maintain this level of efficiency, we recommend periodic servicing of your unit.

In the European Union, 99.5% of tap water is considered safe to drink as it meets all quality standards mandated by legislation. Therefore, if your water supply comes from the mains and has been deemed fit for consumption by public authorities and local government, your Ecofiltro is suitable for use.
However, if your water source comes from wells or other non-mains sources (excluding salt water), we recommend consulting a professional laboratory for a water analysis to identify potential contaminants. This will help ensure that Ecofiltro can effectively remove them.

Ecofiltro's filter consists of three 100% natural materials: clay, activated carbon, and colloidal silver. This unique combination enables the removal and reduction of the majority of potential contaminants from the water while preserving essential minerals necessary for your health.The main contaminants removed by Ecofiltro include:

  • Parasites
  • Bacteria (including E. coli)
  • Pesticides
  • Microplastics

Additionally, Ecofiltro effectively reduces the following pollutants by a very high percentage:

  • Volatile organic compounds
  • Lime
  • Iron
  • Aluminum
  • Lead
  • Fluoride
  • Arsenic
  • Chlorine

Yes, Ecofiltro effectively eliminates all microplastics (plastics with a diameter between 5 millimeters and 1 micrometer) detected in tap water to date. This is made possible by the pore size of the filtering unit wall, which is 0.8 micrometers. Therefore, the use of Ecofiltro guarantees water free of these contaminants.

Ecofiltro removes all microplastics (plastics with a diameter between 5 millimeters and 1 micrometer) detected to date in tap water, thanks to the pore size of the filtering unit wall, which is 0.8 micrometers. Therefore, the use of Ecofiltro guarantees water free from the presence of these contaminants.

Ecofiltro significantly reduces the lime content in water, but it does not remove 100% of it. Lime serves as a natural bactericide, and its presence helps prevent the growth of microorganisms in the water. Therefore, Ecofiltro's construction ensures that a portion of lime remains in the water to maintain its bactericidal properties.

Yes, Ecofiltro effectively removes any bad odor or taste from the water, thanks to the activated carbon component.

Usage and Compatibility

It is not recommended to use the filter with hot water. The materials comprising it are not resistant to high temperatures and may reduce the lifespan of the filtering unit.

Yes, Ecofiltro's contaminant removal parameters ensure that the resulting water is safe for babies, suitable for both direct consumption and food preparation.

We recommend using the filter with desalinated water as the clay component enriches the water with essential mineral salts. However, we do not advise using it with seawater as it may damage the filter unit quickly.

We recommend conducting a chemical and physical analysis of the water in a laboratory. By sending us the analyses, our team can provide you with more precise feedback tailored to your specific water source.

Benefits and Advantages

Ecofiltro offers several advantages over osmosis and other types of filters. It is a 100% natural filter with no negative environmental impact. The filtering unit has a lifespan of 2 years, and at the end of this cycle, it can be reused as a pot for plants or disposed of as it is 100% biodegradable. Unlike filters with plastic cartridges or components that can pollute the environment, Ecofiltro is eco-friendly. Additionally, Ecofiltro operates without the need for electricity, contributing to energy conservation.

Ecofiltro offers long-term economic savings compared to purchasing bottled water. Over two years, you won't need to worry about buying water or transporting heavy bottles from the supermarket to your home.

In Europe, tap water undergoes regular and rigorous quality testing, often surpassing the standards applied to bottled water, making it safe to drink. Additionally, Ecofiltro removes chlorine, a common source of unpleasant taste, and reduces limescale, which contributes to water hardness. With Ecofiltro, you'll have access to clean water at all times, without generating plastic waste.

Maintenance and Replacement

The lifespan of the filter varies depending on factors such as the volume of water filtered, ambient and water temperature, and water hardness due to lime content. Considering these variables and based on various tests, we recommend changing the filter every 2 years.

Yes, we recommend performing maintenance every 6 months. If you live in an area with very hard water (high lime content), we suggest performing maintenance every 3 months. However, you can choose to perform maintenance more frequently if desired. Learn more about how to perform maintenance HERE.

Yes, it is normal. The dark coloration is a result of the activated carbon, one of the active components of Ecofiltro, which becomes concentrated during the high-temperature baking process.

Yes, at the beginning of using your Ecofiltro, you may notice a slow filtration rate. This occurs because the filter unit is new and needs time to undergo the natural process of opening the pores within its walls. The filter operates by gravity; therefore, the more you fill the unit, the more pressure the vessel will receive, accelerating the opening of the pores. With continued use, the pores will open to 100%, reaching their normal filtration rate of approximately 2 liters of purified water every hour.

The filter unit has an average life of two years depending on the hardness of the water. You will notice that the filter unit needs to be changed as it will change the taste of the water.

The materials that make up Ecofiltro are all 100% recyclable. The container, the lid and the tap are to be placed in the steel bin while the filter unit can be placed in the undifferentiated waste or used as a vase for plants.

Don't discard the used filter unit; instead, repurpose it as a pot for plants. Alternatively, break it into smaller pieces and use it as fertilizer to contribute to sustainable gardening practices.

If you choose not to repurpose the used filter unit, please ensure it is disposed of with organic waste.

Health and Safety

Colloidal silver, produced by electrolysis of pure silver in distilled water, is regarded as one of the most potent and effective natural germicides. When used in appropriate doses, this natural antimicrobial has no adverse effects and does not cause rejection or allergic reactions. Each Ecofiltro is impregnated with 20 milliliters of colloidal silver dissolved in distilled water on its exterior. With a purity percentage of 3.2%, this formulation eliminates any risk of side effects.

On Ecofiltro units, we use 0.22 liters of colloidal silver at 530 ppm for our 5L product, and 0.42 liters for our 20L product, both applied internally and externally. Studies show that initially, there is a higher release of silver, around 40 ppb (0.04 ppm), which is well below the recommended daily intake limit of approximately 30 ppm. According to the USEPA(U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), the maximum intake of silver should not exceed 5 μg per kilogram of body weight per day (1996), translating to a daily intake of 350 μg for an average 70-kilogram adult.

Yes, Ecofiltro's contaminant removal parameters ensure that the resulting water is safe for babies, suitable for both direct consumption and food preparation.

Currently, no tests have been conducted specifically on these elements.

Technical and Operational

Yes, it's normal. During the pore-opening process, some clay may settle at the base of the container, imparting a slight earthy taste to the water. Although the water is safe to drink from the start, we recommend filling and emptying the container a few times until the taste diminishes. You can reuse this water for watering plants, cooking, or washing vegetables and fruits—it is completely safe.

Ecofiltro originated in Guatemala, Central America, over 30 years ago. Since then, its use has expanded to encompass most countries in Latin America, the USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Yes, it is normal behavior as clay, a natural element, brings more minerals to the water.

No, it maintains the good mineral salts but eliminates harmful substances.

Contact and Support

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