Filtration Effectiveness



National laboratory results with international certifications regarding the effectiveness of the Ecofiltro in purifying water in various rural areas of Guatemala, with usage ranging from 0 to 24 months.


Analysis Results: Heavy Metals, Physicochemical, and Microbiological Analysis of the Ecofiltro - August 2019 With Support From:

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*On Ecofiltro units, we use 0.22 liters of colloidal silver at 530 ppm for our 5L product, and 0.42 liters for our 20L product, both applied internally and externally. Studies show that initially, there is a higher release of silver, around 40 ppb (0.04 ppm), which is well below the recommended daily intake limit of approximately 30 ppm. According to the USEPA(U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), the maximum intake of silver should not exceed 5 μg per kilogram of body weight per day (1996), translating to a daily intake of 350 μg for an average 70-kilogram adult.